DATE : 17 JULY 2016


Avon, sysop of Agency BBS in New Zealand, has started a Youtube channel 
covering how to set up a Mystic BBS. His Youtube channel is here:


The videos are very high quality and he's put a lot of work and thought
into them, so go check them out.


I've been getting into the urban sketching style of watercolour painting
because I don't need as much space. I bought myself a nice sketchbook and
a waterbrush (plastic kind that have a reservior of water in the handle)
and just recently purchased Urban Watercolor Sketching by Felix Scheinberger.
I love his art--it's such a free and spontaneous style. 


Also, I've got back to trying to learn amateur radio. I tried a couple of 
years ago, but life happened, and I'm only getting back into it now. The ARRL
handbook used in America is very very large and is basically an info dump
as far as I can see. I think I learn better with workbook style books where
there are exercises I can practise with after each section. 

This 1300 page book does not have that, so I've been trying to find 
alternatives with no luck yet. Maybe I'll get some basic electronics 
learning books and then switch to the radio stuff after I'm comfortable with
that. Jaycar have a series of electronics kit books/lessons which are
freely downloable, but from a quick glance they don't spend time on 
teaching the theory, they just jump into the project building with some
hints boxes about what is going on.